Tool Reviews: Fastcap Kaizen Foam

Here is my in-depth review and process/lean improvement video on Fastcap’s Kaizen Foam. It is a multi-layered high density foam that is easily cut and carved to fit every tool in your shop. Although time consuming, it is incredibly rewarding once you are done. I was skeptical at first that it would be the right solution for our shop, but I am thrilled with the results.


  • Purchase more than you need and take up Fastcap or Rockler’s offer for free shipping. Amazon prime has a lot of Kaizen foam products as well as other Fastcap products available with free shipping.
  • Buy kaizen knives as well as the layout marker. Fastcap now offers a silver one which is much more legible than the original black one I show in the video
  • Take your time with the layout, the better you nest the tools the more you can fit in each drawer

For other more brief videos on Kaizen foam check out the links below and be sure to subscribe to Fastcap’s channel for cool videos.

Check out Kaizen Foam, Kaizen Knives, and markers here:

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