As the channel name goes, my name is Brian and my start on youtube came from my love for DIY and CNC machines, which were some of my first videos. This was a time when home-built CNC routers were only starting to take off, and there were only a few tight knit communities of avid makers looking to build something incredible from nothing. Now-a-days youtube has exploded and the volume of information and number of makers is overwhelming.

I have been building and making things ever since I learned how to use tools in high school woodshop class. Most of what I know today I owe to an incredible shop teacher. My experience comes from working in construction, renovations, and eventually working in professional woodworking shops, building high end cabinetry and millwork. Most woodworkers at some point buy used machinery and by sheer necessity learn to take tools and machines apart, fixing and improving them, and learning new skills every time. As I tinkered and often struggled, I learned a lot. My love of woodworking, electronics, and mechanical systems eventually sent me down a career path of working in design engineering, but I always find myself spending late nights and weekends in my shop on the next project.

My channel is a mixture of woodworking, mechanical/electrical repair, CNC, automation, and tool review videos. Doing reviews is something I enjoy greatly, because it allows me to share a non-biased opinion on tools people are looking to buy, in a very ‘influenced’ tool review game. I started doing it because I was tired of seeing the corporate shill videos, or the videos where reviewers would unbox something they had never used and attempted to tell you how good or bad it is. I do my best to provide a no fluff overview of everything I review, good or bad, with at least months if not years of actual professional experience to make proper judgement.

I hope you enjoy the content I put out, and if you have questions about any of the projects I’ve shared or tools I have reviewed, feel free to reach out and contact me.

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