BrianCNC Custom 4 Axis CNC Controller

BrianCNC Custom 4 Axis CNC Router Controller

When I built my new Joe’s ‘Hybrid’ CNC Router, I decided it was time to upgrade the controller. Having worked in electrical engineering for quite some time I learned much more than when I had originally started CNC. My first machine had wires hanging off and an F-clamp holding the hobbycnc circuit board to my computer desk. In this new controller I decided to put in the time and explore all of the features I wanted in it and develop a schematic, mechanical plan, and detailed bill-of-materials to properly build this controller.

The control panel itself serves many functions, of which I’ve listed below:

  • Primary input bus (AC Bus) with local circuit protection via circuit breaker, and power monitoring
  • Power Supply for DC Loads, including a protected DC bus with individual circuit protection
  • Manage low voltage inputs (e-stops, proximity sensors)
  • Manage low voltage outputs (stepper motors)
  • Manage high voltage output (router spindle) with G-code based on/off functionality (not speed control)

  • Local and Remote Emergency Stops that kill power to the entire system and send an e-stop signal for logic level input
  • Wired for inductive proximity sensors (very reliable and long-lasting home / limit switch type)
  • Rotary disconnects for proper isolation
  • Power monitoring (IE if router spindle shuts off for any reason, machine faults and pauses)
  • Digital multimeter for spindle load monitoring
  • Industrial gasketed electrical enclosure
  • Internal cooling / exhaust

I have created some very detailed videos on this controller with it’s operation and explanation of how it’s built and run. This is a great fit for someone that has experience with electrical work and is interested in building their own custom controller that is very robust for many years of use.

Please keep in mind that the electricity in this panel can harm you and should be respected. I bear no responsibility to any persons that purchase my plans and sell them for educational purposes only. With that said, many people have purchased the plans for and built my controller over the years and had great success with its design. Lastly, keep in mind that while it’s designed around the Gecko 203V drives and PMDX-122 Break-out board, you can modify and adapt the sample electrical design to the equipment you choose to use. The fit-up may be different and you may need to increase the size of the panel to suit your particular needs.

If you are interested in purchasing the plans for this controller please follow the information below for the link to the plans.

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