Powermatic PM60 8″ Jointer Restoration

Powermatic PM60 8" Jointer Restoration

This two-part video series highlights my restoration of an 8” Powermatic Jointer. I purchased it as a rust bucket and had to tear it down for a complete cleaning and rebuild. The tables were flat and free of twist, and most of the parts were intact. I decided to swap out all of the hardware for fresh stainless-steel hardware as well as replace any knobs that were missing. I was able to find replacement bearings and pulleys that brought this machine back to near factory performance. 

In the end I had to remove a lot of rust and pitting, as well as put all of the smaller parts in rust remover solution. A combination of the rust remover and a wire wheel made work of this. Check out the links to the side and be sure to watch the videos below.

Also, see my in depth review of the FM50 and how it was used with this jointer:

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Rust Remover

Scotchbrite Pads for Cleaning

WD40 for cleaning

Paste wax for top coat

VFD Drives

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